Machinations is a top-down strategy game made for Android devices.

The pace of the game is designed to be set at a level that doesn't require lightning reflexes, but still gives that real-time strategy feel.
In gameplay you command your fleet between space stations, attacking and seizing enemy stations to bolster your ranks and gain strategic advantage until you dominate the map.

The humans will be doing their best to thwart your robot uprising and you will have to upgrade your stations, manage your armada and co-ordinate your attacks to ensure victory.

Features include:
  • Quick and helpful tutorials
  • Variable enemy AI
  • Non-linear campaign progression

Release Plan

Machinations is currently in a pre-alpha state, but is very close to releasable condition! Our current roadmap is:
  • A BETA release to allow us to work out the phone specific bugs on people that have put their hands up for the punishment (if this sounds like you, you can sign up on the 'Beta sign-up page on the left).
  • This is our first game and above all we want people to play it. We'll be releasing the completed version for free and completely advertisement-free. It will have all the content we have created to date and include a full stand alone campaign.
  • Once we're happy with the inevitable run-away success of the free edition and we've polished it to a high-sheen, we have a bunch of ideas that we'll develop and deliver in our sequel/extended version.